And then one magical day I was taken out of my cage and a pair of humans played with me.  When they put me in a carrier instead of back in the cage I knew something had changed and I was hopeful and scared at the same time.


I remember that the carrier smelled like a cat I had never met before, and believe meÖI remember the scent of every cat Iíve ever met.  When the carrier door was opened I was in a strange new place and I bounded out to explore.  I really wasnít scared any more, I was excited. I had lived in that cage for so long Iíd grown fat and now I had lots of room so I could run and jump as I please.


The scent I had come to know in the carrier was all over this new place.   I searched everywhere for that kitty so I could ask him all the questions that were chasing about in my head.† I never found him and I was scared at first.† But I soon realized that the scent belonged to an older cat and my humans talked about him with sadness in their voices.† I soon figured out he must have crossed the rainbow bridge.

There was another cat that came with me.† He was sure scared and hid under the bed.† I would go and check on him periodically before resuming my exploring.† I was comfortable within hours and I knew I was in my forever home.

Poor Garrett didnít adjust as quickly as me.† But I visited him often and convinced him to come out and play.† Soon we were romping all over the house and having a wonderful time.

ĎTis very sad, but one day Garrett got sickÖI mean really sick.† I tried to pretend it wasnít so and convince him to play but I knew he wasnít going to get better, and he knew it too.† When my humans took him away in the carrier I knew he wasnít coming back and I cried along with my humans.

My humans were very sad so I tried to be especially affectionate to help them feel better.† I missed having another kitty to play with and I think they knew it so they brought home Molly-Mabel.

I was happy to see her, but she didnít share my enthusiasmÖbut Iíll let her tell you her story.


I donít remember much about being a kitten.† *shrug*† They arenít good memories so why keep them?


I lived in a cage at the PetsMart Adoption Center for a long time.  I had lots of cage mates and every time one was adopted I cried until I got another.  I canít say that I wasnít jealous when they got a forever home and I was left behind, but I canít complain either.  I was warm and had plenty of food, there were toys for me to play with, I always had a friend sharing my cage and sometimes a human would pet me.  I purred as loud as I could but no one ever took me home.