I’ve had many names over my life but I don’t really remember them.  My first family named me I’m sure, but somehow we were separated and I had to live outside.  People seem to think cats do well outside, but it’s not so.  There was so much I didn’t understand.  I was used to a litter box that was always in the same place, fresh, sweet tasting water and crunchy food that was always there when I needed it.


P.S.  I liked it when it was just Kevin and me.  We would run and play and have lots of fun.  Then Georg showed up.  I’m not so sure I want to share my humans with Georg, but we’ll see.


Suddenly I was outside and dogs barked at me and there were big noisy things always rushing to be somewhere.  I hid a lot.  I was hungry and dirty and scared.  I didn’t like it all, but I learned to survive.


That’s when I got other names.  Good names like “Kitty” and bad names like “Go Away” and “Damn Cat”.


I found a decent place to live behind something humans call a shopping center.  There were humans that visited me sometimes.  They had soft voices and called me “Kitty”.  Sometimes they even left me crunchy food that reminded me of when I was young.


I even met a nice tomcat and we had a brief fling, but males can be fickle, you know?  He left me alone and pregnant.


Then just after I had my babies the weather got horrible.  It rained, and the wind blew really hard.  I tried very hard to keep my babies safe throughout the awful weather.  They called it “Hurricane Ike”.  I must say I don’t know what that means except it was nasty and scary too!


It was horrible when I made the mistake of being lured by food to enter this scary box thing.  It snapped close after me and I couldn’t get back to my babies.  I was really scared for my babies.  They were too young to be without me and there was so much I needed to teach them.  But it turned out okay. 


You see when I was taken away in the box thing, my babies came too.  I ended up in this place with a human with a kind voice and gentle hands.  There were lots of other cats to play with if I wanted to, my babies were happy and most of all, I felt safe.  It was there that I got part of my forever name, Mabel.


It was scary when I was put in the carrier and taken back to the shopping center where I had lived so long.  But I went inside it instead of behind it.  I was in a wire box and humans would talk to me and stick their hands through the wire to pet me.  I worried when I was there but I always got to go back home again.


One day when I went there some humans played with me and when they were done I went back in a carrier just like always.  It wasn’t the same carrier I had arrived in but that’s nothing new.  I never knew what carrier I would travel in.  But when the carrier I was in was opened again, it wasn’t home.  I was in a strange place and I was terrified!


There was food, water and a clean litter box just like before but everything smelled different.  I hid under the bed.  For days and days I stayed there, coming out only to eat, drink and use the litter box.


The two humans visited me and so did the resident cat.  He kept telling me that I was in a good place and how happy I’d be if I only gave it chance.  I wasn’t convinced but eventually I got tired of being alone so I poked my head out.  Then I got braver and I was rewarded for my bravery with a tummy rub!  I do love a good tummy rub.


I don’t know why they changed my name, but I’ve grown fond of Molly-Mable.  So I’ll keep it and my humans as well.  I love it in my forever home and I’m gonna stay here…well…forever!